Assist. Prof.
Halil Serdar ASLAN

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    Faculty of Medicine Ondokuz Mayıs University

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    Doctorate/Proficiency/Expertise in Medicine
    Ondokuz Mayıs University / Department of Radiology

 Academic Titles

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    Assistant Professor
    Faculty of Medicine Pamukkale University

 Memberships to Scientific Organizations

  • Turkish Society of Interventional Radiology
    CIRSE (Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe)


 Areas of Interest

    Transarterial chemoembolization
    Transarterial radioembolization (yttrium-90)
    Port catheter, Tunneled Catheters
    Urinary System Interventions (Nephrostomy, Cyst Drainage and ablation, Prostate Artery Embolization
    Double J catheter
    Biopsy (types of biopsy from almost any part of the body)
    Benign uterine fibroids in women (Myoma embolization)
    Biliary system obstructions
    Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and microwave ablation (MWA) of primary and metastatic tumors of the liver, kidney, lung
    Vein and artery diseases of legs and arms, Balloon angioplasty and stent placement procedures
    Treatment of hemodialysis fistula stenosis and occlusions
    Endovascular Stroke Treatment, Carotid Stenting


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    0 (258) 296 __

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    Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine